Feng Shui

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Feng Shui

The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne since being brought to our attention; millions of people have been attracted to…attraction.

When I speak of attraction I mean The Law of Attraction. I am so surprised that people don’t realise that the secret has been around since the beginning of time!

Feng Shui masters have incorporated the Law of Attraction into their practice for centuries. We use it all the time in Feng Shui. We incorporate the Law of Attraction by using the power of intention: “The power of Feng Shui involves making changes ‘with intention…’

As you work with Feng Shui and focus on enhancing the energy around you, you will find that you attract positive outcomes.

Anyone who is interested in changing his or her life, whether in terms of wealth, health, professional achievement or relationships, must begin by determining exactly what needs to change. Visualising the ideal outcome of change is an important step to success.

I always advise Feng Shui clients and students to pause before making any changes in the home or office and set a clear intention. You can’t just move your furniture around and waiting for something magical to happen.

You have to proceed with a specific outcome in mind.

People often don’t believe that they already have everything required to live the life they choose, however as a Feng Shui practitioner I recognise that we do have all we need.

The secret to Feng Shui is simply knowing how to maximise the flow of positive energy in the environment in order to help our best lives emerge, once a clear intention is set that helps define what that life will look like.

What may sound a bit “new agey” is actually a proven scientific phenomenon, based on the physical existence of molecular energy. I agree with the sources quoted in “The Secret” regarding the fact that energy frequencies are physical manifestations of human intention. I’ve seen Feng Shui work wonders in people’s lives. But the most successful individuals are the ones who truly know where they want to go and are open to a variety of experiences and paths in reaching that goal.

Some people, however, truly don’t know where they desire to go or specifically what they wish for in their lives. They just know that they wish for change. Feng Shui can help with that too.

I find that the more you work with Feng Shui, the more clarity it brings to you and your life, meaning that you start to know what needs to change and what you desire for your life. Then you can set the intention and use the power of Feng Shui to bring to you what you wish for.

That’s the great secret!!

Are you perturbed because you desire to change your life and don’t know how or where to start? It may be time to consider Feng Shui-Law of Attraction coaching. I can work with you to assess where you are, how your home is impacting your life and how and where to make changes in your home environment that will turn things around for you.

My strengths lie in going beyond appearances to see what’s really going on. I am able to pick up on subtle differences and come up with solutions that will work for YOU. I take all the pre-conceived ideas about Feng Shui and make it a real and practical way that people can live their lives today. You really do not have struggle any more.

Steps To Use the Law of Attraction

Step 1 – Desire – Get a strong enthusiasm for that which you desire in your life, a real longing for something which is not there now.

Step 2 – Decision – Know definitely what it is that you desire and what it is that you desire to do or have, and be willing to pay in spiritual values.

Step 3 – Ask – When sure and enthusiastic ask for it in simple, concise language.

Step 4 – Believe – Believe in the accomplishment with strong faith, consciously and subconsciously.

Step 5 – Work – Work at it a few minutes daily, seeing you in the finished picture. Never outline details, but rather see yourself enjoying the particular thing. Eventually, you will see a time where it will just appear, as a gift or such, or you may see an opportunity to get what you were asking for.

Step 6 – Feel gratitude – Always remember to say, “Thank you” and begin to feel the gratitude in your heart. The most powerful prayer we can ever make is those two words, provided we really feel it. Feel as though you already have what you wanted.

Step 7 – Feel expectancy – Train yourself to live in a state of happy expectancy… Find a way it will appear in your life, and keep believing in that. May it be that someone gives it to you, or you find an initiation to get it?

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