Feng Shui Design

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Feng Shui Design

Making positive changes to your life through Feng Shui (Shen Dao Style) is an extremely effective way of making specific life changes. Lytham Feng Shui will help you to create amazing and long-lasting changes to your home or business. I use the traditional techniques of Shen Dao Feng Shui, to detect negative influences and obstructions within your home and business environment.

Lytham Feng Shui will help to increase the positive energy throughout your property, so that the flow of Qi can flow unhampered and unobstructed throughout the building. As well as re-aligning the energy flow, focus and harmony of your space,
you are given all the information to make the positive changes in your home or business.

You’ll discover how to nurture your relationships and where to hang pictures of your loved ones? You’ll discover what colour to paint each room, and what colour furnishings and window stylings will best suit your environment. You’ll know where to place mirrors and where is the most productive place to work? Above all how to  increase your health, wealth and abundance?

I offer a unique window design service for shutters and blinds through my partnership with Thomas Sanderson Shutters & Blinds. If you would like help in choosing the right product to enhance Qi flow, please call 01253 969695 for a free consultation.

One thing you won’t be asked to use is a frog with coins in his mouth outside your front door…

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