Lytham Feng Shui Services

Annette-Brown-Lytham-Feng-ShuiHello, and welcome to my Lytham Feng Shui website. Lytham Feng Shui Services is based in Lytham in Lancashire. I pride myself in providing bespoke personalised service for each individual client. Each Lytham Feng Shui consultation is designed to meet your specific requirements, and bring about positive change for you and your life.

For a free 30 minute Feng Shui consultation with Annette Brown call Lytham Feng Shui on 01253 969695

When I was 21 I qualified as an interior designer, as colour and interiors was where my passions were, and I just loved the textures and depths of colours, and fabrics, and strangely enough this is what Feng Shui embraces. Through my Feng Shui I learned the interweaving relationship between humans and their environments, and I discovered that our environments affect us on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level. I have extracted my wisdom from various cultures and integrated them into my own Feng Shui practice.

Whether clients come to me for Feng Shui, coaching or other treatments I always advise them to ‘Open their Mind’ and have fun in the process, as fun raises our vibrations. I also help clients to become clear about their intentions. I also guide them about ‘Clearing out their Clutter’ and releasing things that they don’t use or love anymore, or release what no longer serves you well. I advise clients that they can’t change one thing without changing others things. When you open your mind to change, you are well on your way to changing your life.

My Feng Shui Consultation Process

Lytham Feng Shui in Lytham, Lancashire arranges a suitable time for both parties. I then visit you in your home or business, and we sit down and I listen to you, discovering what your issues are, and what you wish for is my primary objective. I work with you within your space and make positive and constructive suggestions accordingly. I don’t give you stipulations or force you to part with the precious things you love, I simply offer constructive ways to work with what you already have. I never impose my own designs upon you, simply because out of respect for your personal space, however I do help you to maximise the full potential of your space.

I will help you to re-align the energy flow, focus and harmony of your environmental space, through a mapped survey report that you can make firm decisions upon. The report will reveal where to place your furniture (should it have to be moved around), and the colours of paints or furnishings to feed, calm, drain or control each room (if any). It will guide you to where the most productive place for you to work is. It will guide you to the spaces for enhancing the health, wealth and abundance of all concerned. In fact it offers you solutions to all aspects of your environment.

For a free 30 minute Feng Shui consultation with Annette Brown call 01253 969695