Feng Shui and Clutter

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Feng Shui and Clutter

Feng Shui and your clutter chaos! Are you drowning in your own clutter? Do you have mountains of papers scattered across your living room floor? Are your drawers filled with outdated bills and paperwork? Are your cupboards full to over-flowing? Is your home in great need of some tender loving care? If you answered yes to any of the above, basically you’re living a cluttered life. Living a life filled with clutter causes us stress and pushes us out of the most important moment ‘the moment of NOW’. We become spaced-out of time and balance and we become very unproductive. This is where the ancient art of Feng Shui comes in. Feng Shui is the ancient art of balancing the energies within your physical space to create balance harmony for you and your space.

Your external space is a mirror of the internal you, and vice versa. This really doesn’t mean that if you have an untidy house your life will fall apart, however it does mean that you are creating your own chaos! Sooner or later, our chaos will block us from seeing any future hopefulness, potential and balance. With a little re-vamping and housecleaning you can improve your space radically and bring order to your chaos. With positive change, you’ll experience balance and positive results. Balance is what enables a surfer to ride waves, even in treacherous weather. To ride out our own waves of life with skill requires that same sense of balance internally and externally.

If you’re living in spaces you want to avoid or in a place that makes you feel withdrawn, exhausted, anxious or upset, this you experiencing imbalance in your home. A balanced Feng Shui life is unified and rewarding. Balance does not make you lose your edge, it is dramatically empowering, as you’ll be happier and more focused, and your energy will be creating flow. A balanced Feng Shui life is filled with perfect health and well-being, loving relationships and friendships and above creative flow! If you would like to move into the flow with Feng Shui, please contact me for more information on my Feng Shui consultations at Lytham Feng Shui.

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