Feng Shui Techniques

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Feng Shui Techniques

Lytham Feng Shui’ consultant Annette Brown is Shen Dao trained by Feng Shui Master Harrison Kyng. Shen Dao Feng Shui was the first system to be taught in Europe at a diploma level. The Shen Dao system is different in style to others schools of Feng Shui, in that it incorporates the Five Elements in profiling clients, as opposed to many schools that use the astrological approach.

As a consultant I offer various remedies to improve your home or business, and also your personal well-being, through various techniques. I work with your environment, and map it out to identify what is the cause of any current problems or any potential problems, and then give you the remedies to put in place.

Firstly I look at the site of the property along with its surroundings. I take into account the building alignment which is relative to the building surroundings. I explore the directional elements externally, and each room using a Five Element bagua compass. From the various compass directions I look at colour, as colour is one of the essential ingredients of Feng Shui, I can determine the correct colours for each individual room to feed, calm or drain areas, and in special circumstances control areas. I examine your internal structures that could hamper the movement of the Qi, and finally I look at your space, as your space relies heavily on the placement of objects within the building being in the correct place, this is the art of placement.

Feng Shui is aimed at creating the best balance of elements and flow of Qi throughout any space. If Qi doesn’t flow correctly it is believed to have adverse effects on those living around imbalanced areas. Feng Shui is all about creating the right energy to flow smoothly, for you to move forward in life. If you feel ready to take the first step to changing the life you live, then Lytham Feng Shui is for you.

As Lau Tzu’s quote states “The journey of a thousand miles began with a first step”. Take your first step today, and I know I can improve and enhance your life, and your mind-set. Contact me for a free 30 minute Feng Shui consultation.

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