Lytham Feng Shui and Change

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Lytham Feng Shui and Change

Lytham Feng Shui and Change! Feng Shui at Lytham Feng Shui in essence is how we experience our environment in a specific way and this “specific” way has its root in Chinese philosophy. Lytham Feng Shui and Change is all about Colour, Space and Structure and these are the basic fundamentals to understand change, in any given space. Within the realms of Shen Dao Feng Shui there is something we use that is called five element diagnosis. The Five Element diagnosis integrates the Five Element theory in acupuncture into modern day methods of coaching, profiling and philosophy.  Shen Dao Feng Shui involves the use of colour, shape and form to manipulate the Qi (energy) of a building. This is based on firm principles, one of which is the direction that the energy flows into the room (I discover this through a unique Shen Dao compass for direction) via the doorway, and I then determine a colour spectrum for the room. Shen Dao utilises the Five Element modality to assess its clients’ health as well as the harmony of their buildings. This relationship is said to create a unique ‘viewpoint’ that can then be used to create a greater sense of harmony both inwardly and outwardly. Shen Dao’s unique compass uses the former heavenly sequence and expands the Ba Gua into over 300 harmonics and vibrations that help to fine tune its results. Lytham Feng Shui and Change happens through evaluating the bagua directions.

Lytham Feng Shui and Change I use four possible basic colour spectrums that will give a specific vibrational rate within that room that will bring about a desired energy change for the individual room, and these are feeding, calming draining, or controlling. Then there’s the fifth colour band which is a neutral colour that can also be applied to the room canvas for distinction and awareness. I also bring various shapes into the equation as shapes are really important. I use the elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal to determine the colour and shapes within each room. By understanding these elements and how they can enhance your home I can help you achieve your personal goals through the creation of a positive space. Space clearing can enhance the atmosphere and new furniture arrangements may be more welcoming.

Please contact Lytham Feng Shui in Lytham, Lancashire for a free 30 minute one-to-one consultation with Annette Brown on 01253 969695.

The principle difference in Shen Dao style Feng Shui to other Schools is that we use a huge range of Five Element information in profiling our clients, and we don’t use the astrological approach, preferring the more widely accepted aspects of profiling. Unlike other Feng Shui schools we Feng Shui each room individually, and this to me is a much simpler and less complicated way for the clients to get their head around what needs doing to each individual space. This information empowers you to change and enhance your lifestyle, your habits, your environment and more importantly change yourself, to create a more vigorous, healthier, simpler life for you and those living in the environment. You have to WANT to change your life, and this is the first step on this new Feng Shui Journey. These changes are made to make different choices, and for you to find out what really makes you ‘tick’.

Where any two energies meet, there will be ‘turbulence’ and this is energy is known as Qi. The Qi energy can be manipulated and respected, to create a space that truly works and reflects your own goals, wishes and desires. Qi is the Chinese word for “energy.” Everything animate and inanimate, real or intangible has Qi. Different people have different Qi. Each kind of animal has its own kind of Qi. A nation has its Qi and a religion has its Qi. There is yin Qi and yang Qi. To identify the Qi of anything animate or inanimate, real or intangible is to understand its essential nature. Qi is the Isness of whatever is, it’s the essence of the thing or situation. If your goal is good health and success in all areas of your life, there is no other concept more important than the study and understanding of Qi, and how Qi flows.

Please contact Lytham Feng Shui in Lytham, Lancashire for a free 30 minute one-to-one consultation with Annette Brown on 01253 969695.

It is essential that I initially understand your needs, therefore we discuss your wishes and any problems you are having achieving success in any area of your life.  I then the building which then results in a written report, I then sit down and discuss the findings, in detail with you. It is very important that I leave you fully understanding what has been detected, what is being suggested, and why.  Many people resist change and therefore do not implement the suggested modifications suggested to them; this simply means nothing is changed. Therefore, nothing improves, nothing changes and nothing happens. Recommendations that will be fully documented in the report should be implemented to gain the desired result. Then and only then will change happen.

Lytham Feng Shui and Change, I really can’t recommend de-cluttering enough, as it is essential and vital to keep areas clear so that Qi energy can flow unhampered in a gentle ‘feeding’ nature. Spaces that are untidy, dusty and piled with clutter will create stagnation and irritation, both consciously and sub consciously to the inhabitants.  Therefore, a regular clear out and vigilant cleaning practise is also essential and recommended to allow healthy Energy to flow, feed and nurture.

How Do You Know If You Have Good Feng Shui?

Are you happy and healthy in the environment??

Are you enjoying prosperity, or at least more than enough to provide for your needs?

Do you have a good character?

Do you have a committed, mutually supportive and satisfying personal relationship?

Are your children thriving, respectful, and socially conscious?

Are they creative and successful academically?

If you answered “yes” to each of these questions, then the answer to the original question is: “Yes, the house you are living in has good Feng Shui.”

If your house does not have good Feng Shui for wealth, you are always running to catch up. If your house does not have good fang Shui for health, you are often tired and stressed. If your house does not have good Feng Shui for relationship harmony, you are single (which in some cases might be a life style choice), or you are in an unhappy relationship, and might as well be living alone. If you have children and they are a source of on-going concern, grief, and melodrama, it could be yet another indicator that your home has unfavourable Feng Shui.

Of course, the Feng Shui of your house may be just good enough, so that you are doing well in some of these areas, while not doing well in others; or, not doing well in one area may be distracting you from doing even better in all the others, if this is the case Lytham Feng Shui to the rescue.

This is a recent testimonial from a client in Lytham St Annes who’s property suffered serious Geopathic Stress and EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) from a nearby Electrical sub-station, and this chap was so ill he actually though he was dying..

“Fantastic! Annette’s Feng Shui made a HUGE difference to my home, my head, my heart and my life. I sleep better, breathe better, have more energy, laugh a lot more and feel SO much better. If it had cost four times more than it did, the price would still be cheap compared to what I got for my money.

Thank You Annette – You’re The Best!!

David E

Lytham St Annes

Please contact Lytham Feng Shui in Lytham, Lancashire for a free 30 minute one-to-one consultation with Annette Brown on 01253 969695.

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